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This blog is designed for people who love natural cloth dolls or passionate about doll making. 
This blog is designed for people like you. 
In this blog, you will find everything about my dolls as well as various doll making tips and tricks. 
So, get comfortable. Take a look around the blog, be inspired or maybe learn something new! And don’t forget to sign up for my secret resource library and gain access to my "FREEBIES" section with all of my free resources.


As you may have guessed, my name is Olga. I am a mum of two boys and a wife who is passionate about doll making and everything in between.
This lake is 7 km long 
I was born in Russia (Siberia, Altai Krai to be exact) and growing up in a peaceful countryside with a lake and a beautiful forest next to it, I often spent my time fishing or learning how to sew, knit and make toys. My grandmother, as a very skilled and crafty person, had been making her living through sewing, knitting and waving. My grandfather even taught me a bit on how to wave fishing nets, he was a real pro in it. Unfortunately, they couldn't pass their knowledge to me directly as I was too young but I must have got it anyway on probably another level.
After school, I have got Master Degree in Accounting which became a history for me after marriage, moving cities and even country. 
Right now I live in Sydney, Australia  and call it home for more than ten years.
In 2014 I discovered for myself the world of then called Waldorf Inspired dolls and I fell in love with it. Since then I learned a lot, many dolls have been created and found their happy homes.
Last year I became a member of doll makers cooperative Dollectable which is a great honour and achievement for me as a doll maker.
Pattern making is another passion for me. From time to time I spend a huge amount of time to create and publish my new patterns. You can find all of them in my shop. They are easy to follow, with lots of pictures to guide you through.

So, have a look at my blog and you are welcome to be a part of my doll making journey! 


In this blog, you will find stories about my dolls as well as information-packed articles about doll making.
This space is an open community, so please feel free to ask questions and share your own tips in the comments. 
If you have any questions or suggestions, just fill out my contact form or email me at info@downunderwaldorfs.com
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