Runi - Natural Fiber Art doll


Don't be fooled by yellow fallen leaves on the pictures, it is still Summer Down Under, hot and scorching at times. I had to abandon my dolls and spend most of the hot days with my human kids at the beach. Poor Runi had been waiting to be finished since last year. 
Ocean had been everything for us this summer, it not only helped us to stay cool but gave me some much-needed inspiration for Runi's clothes. 

Just look at this blue shades colour block maxi skirt! It was the first item I created and what became a starting point for all her clothing. With a jumper, I had to experiment a bit more, before stopping my eyes on the yarn with the most vivid and juicy colour sections, just like Australian flowers. For the finish, I sprinkled it with some beads and feathers for more texture.

Her boots have got the most beautiful shades of the ocean - sapphire, teal, sky, aegean. Once again combining crocheting and knitting gave me such interesting texture.

Little headpiece with some golden thread and oversized pom-pom and off she goes!

You can find Runi at February the 1st Dollectable over here.

Olga Efimova

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