Waldorf/Natural Fiber Art dolls and where to find them


    Before we jump to the point, let us make sure that everyone on the same page and understands what kind of dolls this guide will cover:
  1. A Waldorf doll (also called Steiner doll) is a form of doll compatible with Waldorf (or Steiner) education philosophies. Made of natural materials, such as fine woollen or cotton skin toned fabric, generally filled with pure wool stuffing. Hair and clothing materials are also made of natural fibers. Yes, such toys are environment-friendly but most importantly they are good for children! You can read more about the benefits of sensory play for kids over here.
  2. Natural Fiber Art dolls (also called Waldorf Inspired dolls) is a form of dolls crafted of mostly natural fibers and have more artistic face impressions. These types of dolls require more time to be made, especially the head, which is needle sculpted and can have wire armature in their neck. The body and limbs can be needle felted too and weighted with metal or glass beads. The fibers used for the hair can also be more delicate. That is why Natural Fiber Art Dolls are more expensive, and mainly made for collectors.

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    Now you can understand the difference between these types of dolls and whether you are looking to buy a Waldorf doll for your kid or you wish to have one of these dolls for yourself, I would like to point you to the right direction. You can think, “Why do I need it if I can just google it and can find most of anything there in no time.” Of course, you can but now Internet has so much information, that it can take months to understand how dolly world works and where you can get the finest Natural Fiber Art Dolls.
    So, here is a shortcut and it has a name - Facebook groups”. This social network connects most of the doll makers around the world. Below you will find the descriptions of eight Facebook groups that can be extremely helpful in finding your dream doll as well as discovering makers and like-minded people from around the globe. Plus, if you are a novice doll maker I am sure that these groups can help you to find loving homes for your dolls.

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8 Facebook groups to join, if you are looking for a Waldorf/Natural Fiber Art doll:

1. Dollectable

This group is totally dedicated to Dollectable - handmade natural dolls and critters from over 20 vendors. If you are looking for collector's doll it will be the number one group to join.

They stock on the 1st day of every month at 7 PM EST. And the store is right here. 

2. The Cloth Doll Shop

Personally, I just love this group, no spam, just announcements about the availability of new dolls.

3. Waldorf and Natural Fiber Art Doll Chat

This group is a place for Waldorf Inspired and Natural Fiber Art doll lovers and collectors to chat about dolls, and share their new loves. In addition, this group has Spam Thread - so if you are looking for a doll to buy do not forget to check it. If you would like to find out the names of a makers/artists from your country look in the File: "The list of doll makers currently selling professionally".

4. Waldorf Cottage

A cosy loving group where you can sell, buy or trade Waldorf/Natural Fiber Art dolls previously owned only.

5. Waldorf dolls

In this group doll artists from around the world share and sell their new creations. The group is new but growing really fast.

6. Natural Waldorf toys

Here you can find natural toys for sale in Waldorf style technique.

7. Waldorf ISO

The most special group from out there. Basically, it is a place for you to find the dolls that may be re-homed. For example, you saw a doll which really touched your heart but you weren't quick enough to buy it, later you can just post ISO for this particular doll and hopefully one day her owner may contact you and offer to re-sale the doll to you. 

8. Waldorf Adoptions

A great place where you can find dolls for adoption (buy, sell or trade). Hopefully, some amazing forever homes can be found.

    So, this is basically it. Joining these groups and staying in them for some time definitely will give you some ideas about Waldorf/Natural Fiber Art doll world. 

In addition, check Etsy, DaWanda or Livemasterit would the best places to find some great Classic Waldorf dolls offered by your local makers. 


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