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    Do you make patterns for doll clothes by yourself or buying them or doing it both?! Are you satisfied with you organising system?! If not, then maybe you will like mine.

    For two years I have been creating and collecting doll clothing patterns until one day my simple ring binder said: "No more!" It became really hard to go through the file; patterns have been falling out from time to time and overall look of this folder had been making me really sad. 

    So, I decided that it is enough and bought a few colourful folders, labelled them like "dresses", "pants", "tops" etc and sorted all my patterns. (While preparing to write this post I have found a great site where display folders like I use have been recommended. You can have a look, you will find lots of useful information on how to sort patterns the best.) And do you know what, it made me happy but not for long. I will tell you why. As a creative person I never have enough space on my table, so my folders had to travel from one space to another until one day I simply found the solution - expandable carry file. 
What a game changer this file for me! I can go through my patterns like a pro, I can carry them by the handle with ease. I just needed to add some essential labels and that was it.

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    All my previous display pattern folders fit perfectly inside of this file, plus if they become full I am able to just add single plastic folders with individual patterns in them.

So, this is it. My pattern organising system is pretty easy, if you love it, please share!

Happy doll making!



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