Flexy legs in action


    Last time I mentioned that my latest doll Bridget has flexible legs which were not reflected in the photos.

    So, today I wanted to share a little video we created together about her leg structure. As a doll maker, I never stop learning or developing new things and constantly trying to improve here and there. I know that legs like these are not something entirely new but I wanted to give it a try plus every maker has their own way of doing stuff and creating patterns. This year more and more of my dolls come with a wire armature inside their necks, you will see what a great move it can give to a doll.

The video is short and I better to mention that it is my very first one. And I am going to tell you - Oh my! Editing is challenging! But after a few tutorials seems like a big FUN if I only had more time!
Enjoy and let me know your thoughts!
Bridget is currently waiting for her mum over here.

Olga Efimova

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